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Want a SNEAK PEEK of one of our recent MOON CIRCLE, Live Zoom meetups?

We meet 2x per month during the New and Full Moon!

During each NEW MOON meetup we have micro lessons where we learn one self healing technique then we set NEW MOON INTENTIONS together.

During each FULL MOON we complete our Fire Burning rituals where we release and let go of toxic, outdated energy's that are keeping us unwell. 

Take a sneak peek inside one of our 2021 MOON CIRCLE meetups where we learn how to use an ancient spiritual healing technique called "cord cutting" to release negative thoughts, emotions and energy from past relationships. Find a quiet place where you can sit, undisturbed for 45 minutes and learn this technique so you can begin using it for self healing TODAY!


Tarot Pop Up - 2x per month! LIVE ZOOM meetups.

Log into our private ZOOM space - twice per month- to socialize with your sistars and participate in a LIVE group Tarot Reading. 

Group readings pick up on the energies of those who are watching LIVE and those who catch the REPLAY so your Spirit message will address a theme in your life (which may be similar to what your sistars are experiencing in their life too).

JOIN US as we learn/practice "The ABC's of Self Healing"

We're not just talking about healing, we are also DOING THE WORK, together!

Join us on our self healing journey! This is a self paced training that will teach you how to create a Healing Altar in your home AND what to do at that Altar to support your healing.  

Here is the curriculum for the training: 

Milestone 1 - Why do you even need an Altar to heal?

Milestone 2 - How to set up your own Altar at home.

Milestone 3 - How to create your Altar routine, what to do at your Altar.

Milestone 4 - Reducing stress related illness using Breathwork 

Milestone 5 - Three different understandings of Breathwork

Milestone 6 - Getting rid of negative self talk using breathwork 

Milestone 7 - How to heal the body and the soul 

Milestone 8 - How to heal the 7 layers of your body 

Milestone 9 - How to stop and reverse illness 


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