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Heal Thy Cellph: 3 Days to Spiritual Healing

Learn the basics of how to heal yourself, then APPLY what you learn ! Here's what we'll cover inside the course:

Day 1 

  • How to use Spiritual Healing Arts to Heal yourself
  • The magnetic nature of the soul 
  • The electric nature of the spirit 

Day 2

  • How is illness created?
  • The Aura, Auric Field
  • Layer 1 of the Aura: Core Energy Body 
  • Layer 2 of the Aura: The Gross Physical Body 
  • Layer 3 of the Aura: The Physical Heat Layer
  • Layer 4 of the Aura: The Pranic Sheath 
  • Layer 5 of the Aura: The Etheric Sheath 
  • Layer 6 of the Aura: The Astral Sheath 
  • Layer 7 of the Aura: The Causal Sheath 

Day 3

  • How do we create illness within our inner space?
  • How do you STOP or REVERSE illness? 


[Facilitated By: Deneen Tyler BA MDiv. | Spiritual Wellness Practitioner | www.woman1sh.com